Cleaning Process

1.Collect Your Cans

Simply leave your trash can outside of your garage the day after your trash pickup, and we’ll take it from there!

After the garbage is collected, Indy Clean Cans will inspect the can for unwanted materials or chemicals; then we’ll load the can into the back of the cleaning trailer.

2.High Powered Cleaning

Trash Cans are gently lifted on the back of the cleaning trailer and are cleaned using high pressured 200°F water. 

The dirty water is contained on the trailer and is properly disposed of at the wastewater treatment plant

3.The Final Details

We’ll finish the job by pressure washing the outside of the Trash Cans.

We then apply a biodegradable deodorizer to the inside of the Trash Can to help maintain freshness until your next cleaning

Our Results Speak For Themselves!

Why Would We Need To Clean Something We Put Trash In?

Your Trash Cans are a breeding ground for bacteria including
E-coli, Salmonella, and Listeria which can be harmful to your health.

Benefits of Indy Clean Cans

Convenient & Fast

Service is provided on your trash pick up day and eliminates the hassle and mess associated with cleaning your trash can yourself.

Sanitize & Freshen

Stop the spread of disease by eliminating bacteria and other harmful organisms. Biodegradable deodorizer ensures a fresh smelling can between cleanings. 

Bug & Rodent Free

Remove and prevents orders that attract
various bugs & rodents.

Eco Friendly Solution

No need for harsh chemicals and all wastewater is collected by the truck for proper disposal.